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Electric heat pumps come in many different sizes, so if you want to extend your swim season or swim year-round, there’s a heater for you. Solar heating extends your swim season to 9 months and is the most cost effective way to heat your pool.

Pumps and Filtration


The pool pump is the work engine of your pool as it generally runs for 8 hours per day. With the cost of electricity these days, we recommend a 9 star energy efficient pool pump. This pump will save you money and is made right here in Australia.



Dolphin robotic pool cleaners make pool cleaning easy. They are independent of the pool’s filtration, cleaning the floor, walls, waterline and benches. All Dolphins scrub the filter and vacuum the pool with smart algorithms, covering your entire pool.

Water Quality


With an Ozone Swim system you can reduce chlorine levels by 80%. Ozone is nature’s way of purifying water without using harmful chemicals to kill nasty bacteria in our water. It then breaks down into simple oxygen, leaving no chemical residue.