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Mineral Pools


We are proud to have been a part of the management team back in 2007 that came up with the idea of a family being able to swim in a mineral pool in their own backyard. After many years of selling salt water chlorination we knew we could come up with a system that provided safe water to swim in: good for our health and wellbeing, but also good for the environment. It was unanimous that the dead sea was the ultimate mineral pool and that people from all over the world for generations had been going there to enjoy the many benefits of the high level of minerals in the water, and so the first mineral pools were born, developed right here in sunny Queensland.

Like any new product, it was not long before other minerals arrived on the market – some good, some not to good – but now we are pleased to bring the Dead Sea to you in the form of Mineral Swim. Maytronics, which is the pioneer of the Dolphin Robotic pool cleaner, is an Israeli company who along with Maytronics Australia, have partnered with AHAVA to mine these minerals straight from the Dead Sea, to our swimming pools.


Healthy Swimming

If you suffer from ailments such as asthma, eczema, Psoriasis, dermatitis or sensitive eyes, then Mineral Swim is for you.

Mineral Swim is the first step towards the healthiest swimming experience on the market. It is enhanced by Ozone Swim, manufactured on the Gold Coast by Brauer Industries. Brauer Industries are the leader in providing the safest water to swim in, so we are not relying on harmful chemicals like chlorine to disinfect our water. Ozone is nature’s most powerful oxidizer and is 3,500 times stronger than chlorine. The Ozone system is perfect for sore eyes and skin irritations and will reduce the use of chemicals by 60-80%. Ozone water purification is recognized around the world as the best way to treat water i.e. all our bottled drinking water is treated by Ozone, so if it’s safe enough for us to drink, it’s good enough for us to swim in!

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How it works

In salt water pools the salt is the agent added to produce chlorine to sanitize the pool, whereas in mineral therapy pools, we add magnesium as the agent to produce Magnesium Chloride.

This results in a more active algae and bacteria control, sanitizing your pool as well as providing silkier water, health benefits for swimmers, less maintenance and no chlorine smell.

With Mineral Swim and Ozone Swim combined, you can experience the Dead Sea in your very own pool and enjoy a truly unique, healthy swimming experience.

I never thought a Mineral Salt pool could make such a big difference in our life.
After a stressful day we come home, hop in and let the stress and anxieties melt away. We always come out feeling calm, relaxed and a bonus our skin feels great too.
Cam was great with understanding our families needs when building our pool and as we are new pool owners we really appreciate the great after sales care.
If you are looking for a fantastic pool with honest, friendly and professional service give Cam at Mineral Pools Qld a call, we can’t thank him enough.

Joyce Mulcahy

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